Strangers Guess Each Other's Body Count

Cody Ko

Cody Ko

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    1. Claire

      That one guy slightly reminds me of Doug Judy.

    2. Simon Holin

      Roger from Outlander? Anybody?

    3. stupid babie

      cody please hold the coffee mug right, its bothering me so much

    4. Pablo Silva

      man i laugh way too much watching this video

    5. Scarlett Clark

      If he says “Ten Millyon” again

    6. Scarecrow

      cody looks like lazlo from gta v

    7. Teddy Eastside

      Dude I’m not sure I’ve even ever met 1500 people

    8. Sarah Huston

      I know that Cody has never been pegged from this video alone 😂😂😂😂

    9. lamifox

      I have never seen an indian man that fits the stereotype of an indian man this perfectly

    10. Maggie J

      When she’s gave the guy a 0 Cody laughed kinda like Elmo 😬

    11. Mia

      Cody ko, can you react to will tennyson?

    12. Roxy Muck

      LMAOO none of these comments are about the video

    13. Ben Chavez

      I felt like this creator dropping hits saying you are a complete loser and a disappointment for not having a partner yet like we all have to have the same life for some reason and it shouldn’t be normalized and it should be known people go through life how they want to go through it and shouldn’t be judged because they don’t do the norm of society

    14. Helena B

      he was very much enjoying this video LMAO

    15. Marco Terzuoli

      the average in the US is 7 0_0 (in a lifetime)

    16. Latesha Presley

      The shy puffin postauricularly lighten because tsunami nomenclaturally hammer throughout a statuesque drake. kind, even excellent excited belief

    17. Nik Pepmeyer

      Cody be lookin like miss trunchbull 😂😂😂

    18. Kt Harvey

      Who cares if someone isn’t sexually experienced?

    19. jamnik B

      pump up the jam

    20. Cory Malone

      Cody's man bun is giving me real Brad Dourif in Alien Resurrection vibes for some reason.

    21. GingerdreadCookie

      cody thinking the lesbian couple might have fucked as much as the kingslayer couple is adorable.

    22. Meaningful Max

      11 min, 08 sec: "People got laid after this, for sure". Bro! Its freacking Jubilee! What can you expect more than this kind of shit LMAO

    23. Pavan Sreenivas

      No action for my indian boy in usa too sad.

    24. Michael Thometz

      That “not so sexually experienced” guy looks like jschlatt

      1. xrrxy vvoi


    25. Julian Sock

      As an asexual this is the most unrelatable Cut video I have ever seen and that's saying a lot

    26. S0l1dZ3r0

      Notch over there with 1,500? Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and press X to doubt on that.

    27. Grand Master Yoda

      Mr. 1500+ is making up for all the virgins and asexuals

    28. Maria candelaria

      Cody is vanilla for sure tho

    29. Emily An

      That’s not the producer that’s the just janitor walking by

    30. Eternal or something

      1500? Nah

    31. PeterCottonswab

      We had the same response to 1500+ and 0 raising their hands

    32. No No

      The 1500 guy was my Uber driver once

    33. Addie Carter

      Cody getting destroyed in the comments gives me life

      1. Emily An

        Man, these people have really been in other people, or those other people have been in them. HOT

    34. Emily Coles

      cody please why do u say million like that

    35. Norma Pierce

      The aboard riverbed critically rescue because drawbridge temporarily care outside a cynical dog. awake, overconfident riddle

    36. MassChi

      1500+ lying their ass off

    37. Kourtney Burchett

      I love that this entire comment section has nothing to do with the video and only roasting the fuck out of Cody lmao

    38. 60 FPS Muffin


    39. Elli Shadricks

      Who is Cody morphing into

    40. first name last name

      Damn big Ed really took over his channel too

    41. Melissa Haxhiaj

      Cody looks like Big Ed but about 20 years younger

    42. Meta Baby

      I think it’s dumb, they know how many times they have “done it” and just share it casually

    43. katie k

      every comment: “cody looks like.....”

    44. Catherine Powell

      does ANYONE know what kind of chair that is in the background??

    45. Radical Eddie

      Cody looks like the father of three kids

    46. Tokyo

      Cody do be lookin like Asahi from Haikyuu (Stage play Asahi especially)

    47. Everwritten

      Man, these people have really been in other people, or those other people have been in them. HOT

    48. jessa

      Could never tell whether body count meant number of people you’ve killed or number of people you’ve slept with

    49. benh909

      Cody looks like a younger version of Big Ed

    50. ANDYR

      BIG EDDDDD!!!!!!!!

    51. Kale

      i love this

    52. Mykaela Miller

      I'm polyamourous and am greatly amused by the fact that Cody doesn't think it's possible to have a relationship and fuck other people. Also find it funny that he thinks it would have to be 1 person every 2 days instead of regular orgies or porn shoots. Edit: I kept watching. Poly, gay dude is life

    53. Marq

      Aw man them glasses aint foolin nobody

    54. Mateus Oliveira

      Cut your hair please?!?!

    55. Cecília

      seriously big ed........................

    56. Alexandra DiNapoli

      Cody looks like the excact guy he made fun of on his video about the best reality show

    57. aggie

      cody with his hair tied back gives me yoga and medidation instructor vibes

    58. Nathaniel Tice

      Cody has become the yoga instructor from GTA V

    59. Mori

      13:38 Cody literally called with the bdsm club shit

    60. Peppa Pug


    61. Lumilen m__m

      THAT white guy is so annoying. He really couldn't comprehend how the dude got laid w 1500+ ppl and it was boiling my blood. Ew.

    62. rutva zquad

      I hate how people just straight up assume everything about a person just by their body count,like people are legit demisexuals or just asexuals and there's nothing wrong with it,I hope more people realize that being a 'virgin' is not shameful or pathetic like they make it out to be🙄(also I put virgin in quotes coz imo its a societal construct,coz if u think only anal sex can take your virginity away well and good and if you think a blowjob takes your virginity away then also well and good,nobody i mean NOBODY especially the randos on the internet should make you feel bad about yourself )

    63. Sal M

      “Let’s just be frank here....” 😂😂

    64. Aydolette Hawley

      Pigeon foot gang

    65. Merle Ginsberg Official

      I ❤️ mini big Ed

    66. Taylor Jade

      You’re funny you’ve been followed haha

    67. Israa Naguib élève

      Wtf???? Cody Moe we literally have the same last name, you might be my uncle

    68. AnushkaSings

      Another entertaining cut video commentary I laughed a lot thanks Cody 😂

    69. GoGo Rodriguez

      1500? Straight lying his ass off. 😂 he’s definitely rounding way way way way way up

    70. Andy Grutkowski

      Girl all the way on the right was an absolute dime and she’s only got 3. You know she’s a good one

      1. Daniel Cunningham


    71. Jamarcus Castro

      Gene Simmons was recorded to have slept with about 4,800 women

    72. redsXO

      I miss the videos with Noel. Y’all gotta shot in ajit pai again bruh it’s my fav video and I’d LOVE to see a part 2

    73. Lee Saunders

      Cody looks like No Neck Ed from 90 day Fiancé in this

    74. Kainthemain

      The hottest girl in the right had the least amount of people. Thats how it should be. Its not about the number its about the person. And hot women that have only been with their husbands, that's worth more than any number of women.

    75. Sofis skter Roksana1254**

      The moldy creek supposedly jump because claus weekly correct versus a fresh parent. unusual, careful call

    76. jms0313

      With the girls you gotta multiply by 3 or 4

    77. ian

      God bless you Jesus is king

    78. Lara Nari

      What about the dude that acts experienced towards the virgin?

    79. Cal Corn

      Aedan if u can see this ur gay

    80. Karla Monroy

      I like how we’re all just making fun of Cody and not talking about the video 😭

    81. মনে নেই Mane Neigh

      The virgin guy looks like he is Indian, so it's neither impossible nor a matter of redicule. You need to dial down your American-ism.

    82. Dan C

      What's up with all these people casually having threesomes? This must be California. Or Portland.

    83. Shelby Hendricks

      The funniest cut video is the guess strangers drug of choice

    84. Javaye Henry

      Man your videos just make my fucking day

    85. Devin Ott

      Those sideburns work at a record store part-time haha

    86. satans dad

      Dude in the blue plaid is sick in the head

    87. Killer D

      Shoutout Snakehabitat1

    88. Jason PM

      snake habitat1 out here fukin killing it

    89. Adam Tilley

      Am I right that this is a review of a 2 yr old video? I was questioning my perception of time for a a second there

    90. Matt Sutton

      Big ed

    91. Rebecca Smith

      For anyone feeling insecure about being sexually inexperienced, don't feel discouraged. The best thing you can do in bed is learn what your partner likes. Everyone likes different things anyway.

      1. Rebecca Smith

        @soinhu foitu lol yeah I was like ??? Ummmm wtf

    92. E W

      Cody’s hair makes him look like a handsome young man

    93. Sofia Arrieta

      The 1500+ guy is like skippy the virgin on steroids

    94. Hanan

      الشي الوحيد اللي مونسني

    95. Swae T

      It’s hilarious how none of the comments are about the video. They’re all about how Cody looks 😭🤣

    96. Mia Katherine

      You look like the dude that sells me my guitar strings.

    97. Janelly Godinez

      the negative stigma of not having sex is lowkey uncomfortable

      1. Ben Chavez

        Exactly how I felt like this creator dropping hits saying you are a complete loser and a disappointment for not having a partner yet like we all have to have the same life for some reason and it shouldn’t be normalized and it should be known people go through life how they want to go through it and shouldn’t be judged because they don’t do the norm of society

      2. Selene Uhart

        @Dark the Loser yeahh!! and it leads to a lot of people through really shitty situations because they feel preassured :/

      3. Dark the Loser

        Yeah like bruh that's none of your business. sex is a choice not a competition

      4. Selene Uhart

        fr like why do ppl care if uve fucked or not, its weird

      5. Senseii Succ

        That’s a weird way of telling us all that being a virgin is considered a bad thing in society

    98. Nicolás Souto

      They rly went out and found the words weirdest ppl

    99. Zoë Carnes

      Cody someone needs to tell you... you look like big ed in this video